Proper Nutrition for Perfect Health

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Listen carefully to your body. Learn what is beneficial and what is not useful for you. Be aware of how much you need to eat, what you need and when you need to eat.

Amounts: As a rule of thumb, you can eat as much as you need, as much as your body really wants, but avoid overeating because it will overwhelm your system.

What: As far as ‘what to eat’ you should take into account the natural ‘cycle’ known as the “food cycle” or “food chain”.

The Sun is the source of energy for all life on our planet. It nourishes the plants (top of the food chain), which are then eaten by animals (vegetarian), which are then eaten by other animals (carnivores). The food at the top of the food chain, being directly nourished by the Sun, has the greatest life promoting properties. The food value of animal flesh is termed as “second-hand” source of nutrition, and tends to be inferior in nature. Natural foods (fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and grains) have essential nutrients that are easily assimilated by the body, whereas second-hand food is more difficult to digest and has less nutritional and metabolic value.

When: Eat three times daily and try to leave at least four hours between meals. Try to eat as close to 6pm as possible for your final meal of the day. If you eat to late, it will only slow down your digestion and possibly disturb your sleep

Fasting: It is very good to try to fast each month. For those not familiar with fasting you can begin by having a light breakfast and then for 24 hours, do not eat anything until the next breakfast. When you are able to handle this try next time to fast for 36 hours and possibly 48 hours. Fasting gives your entire system a rest from all the hard work that it does. You will feel light and fresh and ready to tackle the world again. Begin taking food again slowly after a fast and never start feasting until at least two days later.

Feasting: Once a week have a feast!!! Enjoy your food in a delightful manner, eating slowly and chewing completely. Have something special that you really like to eat.

Attitude toward eating: Think about doing it in the highest state of awareness and with the sense that everything serves a purpose of striving for the highest goals.

Attitude toward preparing food: Be happy and enjoy the time you spend preparing the food. Prepare it with love in your heart and send that loving kindness not only to those for whom the food is being prepared, but to all mankind. As you do so, fill yourself with gratitude and appreciation for your many blessings.


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  1. My daughter has blossomed since she has started going to MDG. Bonnie and Isabel understand her learning style and have helped her develop into a wonderful well rounded person, academically and socially. She especially loves the art, yoga and Spanish classes!