Harmonic Development of Children

My goal as a parenting consultant is to assist parents by giving them tools to aid in the optimal development of their children. Children do not come with a guidebook or manual and they all differ from one another in so many ways. There are countless theories of how to raise children. Oftentimes parents resort to the same methods of child rearing that they themselves experienced while growing up. They may try to do things in different ways, but the patterns that were learned as a child, can be difficult to change. This is why these same attitudes and discipline techniques are often repeated.

When a child is born into the world, he or she is immediately on a path of self-development. This development can be guided in healthy, productive and harmonious ways when the parents are conscious. The family unit can become a productive workshop, which promotes the development of all of its members. Parenting offers many unique opportunities for self-evaluation, which can enhance the way the adults perceive life.

A parent who is continuously working on him or herself is a wonderful model for a child. As an interactive team, the family unit can support the growth of all of its members and celebrate together the milestones that each member reaches.

My wish is for parenting to be an inspirational experience rather than an arduous task. The parenting role becomes that of a guide. The most common belief on how to become an excellent guide is to gain as much knowledge as possible. But how is this done? There is so much research this is the way or no, that is not correct. There are so many studies, which try to prove the author’s perspective. What then is this harmonic development of children? It is the study of the how to open up the essence of the child. This is done by keenly observing the child to get a sense of who they are and how one can promote their full development.

The ultimate goals include: support of the inborn talents of both children and adults, helping the family find harmony in their personal lives which will allow for more productivity in their professional and creative lives and the development of a deeper connection with one’s own sense of self.

Please stay tuned to my blog, which is coming soon where I will share more insights with you.

by, Bonnie Hasse M Ed.


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