The Garden

Montessori Discovery Garden is a Montessori preschool in Westwood, Los Angeles. Serving students ages 2 1/2 through 6 years old.

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Proper Nutrition for Perfect Health

Healthy Lifestyle Listen carefully to your body. Learn what is beneficial and what is not useful for you. Be aware of how much you need to eat, what you need and when you need to eat. Amounts: As a rule of thumb, you can eat as much as you need, as much as your body really wants, but avoid overeating because it will overwhelm

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Montessori and Mindfulness

Recently, I did a presentation for parents regarding how important movement is for children.  While doing so it reminded me how we are helping the children to become mindful.  Mindfulness defined is being in the present moment with an awareness of oneself in relationship to others.  When we practice movement, the children are purposefully made aware of other people and objects, so that they

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Harmonic Development of Children

My goal as a parenting consultant is to assist parents by giving them tools to aid in the optimal development of their children. Children do not come with a guidebook or manual and they all differ from one another in so many ways. There are countless theories of how to raise children. Oftentimes parents resort to the same methods of child rearing that they

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